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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Sheriff Ed Says Try The 3D Poker Today!
The is the world's first online casino and poker room that features a true 3D casino world, making your gaming more entertaining than any other Casino! Try our revolutionary 3D software today.

World's First 3D Casino and Poker Rooms are brought to you by You can download this software for free and play for free. When you're ready to experience the real the 3D casino and poker, you can register a real player account and claim the current bonus offers.

When you enter the casino lobby, you'll be amazed at how realistic the three dimensional graphics are. From the lobby, you can visit the wardrobe section, to create and save your avatar, or character, which will be your unique identity throughout the game. The characters are fully customizable, from what you wear, to the colour of your hair, the shape of your nose and even your shoes. You can change your avatar to suit your "poker face" whenever you like!

Play Texas Holdem or Blackjack with real players all around the world. Meet poker players and chat while you play. You can view the game tables from various angles by using our unique camera movements. With our multi-table option, you can play at more than one table, for those times when you need an even bigger challenge and excitement! Join our tournaments, and don't forget to check our news and updates for the hottest tournament news and promotions.

Welcome to the future of online poker! World's first three dimensional poker and casino technology. Right here, right now! Click here to join the 3D revolution.

Join now folks and enjoy Freerolls everyhour on the hour!
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Low Stakes Poker Challenges
Ernpac over at Pokerstuff has an interesting article on the challenges of online low stakes ring games. He makes some excellent observations and suggestions dealing with online low stakes play. Check it out if you get the chance.
Sunday, April 16, 2006
"Sheriff" Big Ed Takes Down the Oak Ridge Easter Invitational Poker Tournament!
"Sheriff" Big Ed under the advice of Devil Duck took down the Oak Ridge Easter Invitational Poker Tournament held Saturday, April 15 in the Atomic City. After battling their way through a staggeringly large field the action came down to a 3-way battle royale between "Sheriff" Big Ed, Chris "The Republican Kid", and Bob "The Republican Ward Boss." "Sheriff" Big Ed, entering 3-way action with a significant chip advantage, played conservatively against the arch conservative duo allowing them to hack away at one another.

One exciting hand between Chris "The Republican Kid" and Bob "The Republican Ward Boss" saw Chris "The Republican Kid" pushing his 6 3 off suit all in against Bob "The Republican Ward Boss" K J unsuited with Chris "The Republican Kid" declaring he had two live cards. Boy were they ever live! Chris "The Republican Kid" ended up with two pair and Bob "The Republican Ward Boss" ended up with a very short stack. A couple of hands later Bob "The Republican Ward Boss" was eliminated and Chris "The Republican Kid" and "Sheriff" Big Ed were heads up. Two hands later "Sherifff" Big Ed called Chris "The Republican Kid" all in and his hand held up giving "Sheriff" Big Ed the crown for this years Oak Ridge Easter Invitational Poker Tournament.

The Final Results were:

1st: "Sheriff" Big Ed
2nd: Chris "The Republican Kid"
3rd: Bob "The Republican Ward Boss"
4th and Bubble Prize winner: "C.I. Abramson"

Thanks to everyone that participated and we hope to see everyone at the next invitational tournament to be announced soon!
Thursday, April 13, 2006
Get your choice of Devil Duck Card Protector when you sign up for Full Tilt through Phantastically Phat Poker!
On top of the great bonus that Full Tilt Poker offers for your first deposit get a free Devil Duck card Protector, just like "Sheriff" Big Ed uses in live poker tournaments, just for signing up through Phantastically Phat Poker and playing the minimum number of required hands for your bonus. We will send you your choice of available colors after you email us your user name and we verify that you have played the required number of hands to meet your Full Tilt bonus requirements.
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Get $10 free to try out Cindy's Poker!

Instructions for getting the free $10:

1 - Download & Install Software from the link above.

2 - Create a Player Account

3 - Complete the user details form by clicking on the "cashier" button in the bottom left corner of the lobby in the game. Don't forget to click on the "Save Changes" at the bottom. Close the website window.

4 - Close the poker room software and wait a few minutes. Your pass will be available when you reopen the poker room software after 2-5 minutes.
Welcome to Phantastically Phat Poker!
"Sheriff" Big Ed and Devil Duck would like to welcome everyone to Phantastically Phat Poker™! Keep your eyes on this page for the upcoming release of "Sheriff" Big Ed's release of Big Ed's Power Poker Diet Book™ and food line! Also in the coming weeks we will post the Schedule for "Big Ed's Poker Show™!"